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**Classes are for instructional purposes only. Participation in any Kathy Wickline Casting class, workshop or event does not guarantee employment or casting opportunities.

One-on-One with Kathy Wickline


A private consultation developed for YOU!


The acting industry can be a hit or miss experience for an actor not knowing the ropes. It doesn't matter if you are delving into the acting world for long term or just testing it out as a fun, side job - you still need correct guidance!


Kathy will personally guide you in learning how to market yourself more effectively and define your career goals for your type. It is a great step for parents who are trying to get their child started safely and effectively in the business.



What Happens at a Private Consultation?

• How to get started safely and effectively
• What tools you will need to get started (headshot/resume, etc)
• What type of work is available and where do you look for it
• How you can be among the first choices in the audition call
• Marketing ideas to stand out from others
• Pinpointing the right markets for you. Realistic goal setting
• Skills you need to strengthen
• Where and how to get work on your own; great websites to know
• Kathy will supply and go over a list of local agents best suited for you
• What to expect from an Open Call and how to prepare
• Learn what clients look for; real people casting
• Your best attributes on camera/knowing your type
• On-Camera Attire
• How to select the right photographer for this industry
• What to beware of in this industry
• Read copy that we provide and receive insight, direction and feedback

What happens in an Audition Screen Test?

During this ½ hour, you will be given a few short scripts to read and will be directed, coached and recorded by Casting Director, Kathy Wickline. TALENT MUST PROVIDE SD CARD. The card is yours to take home with you.


An opportunity like this is rarely offered by casting professionals


One Hour Private Consultation 

$100 cash only (sorry personal checks no longer accepted)
$145 credit card

Option 2:  This option is offered periodically throughout the year so inquire when calling.

1 ½ hr Consultation and a recorded performance of your audition with camera tutorial.

$175 cash only discounted or $220 credit card (sorry personal checks no longer accepted)

Call our office at (215) 739.9952 to Register & take your career to the next level! 








































The Acting Industry: It's Never Too Late! 

This class is geared towards actors aged approx. 35 to seniors who would love to delve into the acting industry for fun and profit. This seminar will help you understand the casting process as well as the realities of work for middle aged to older performers.

The focus of this class will be learning the type of work that is available locally, how to search for work and how to be seen by casting directors and agents. We'll also discuss headshots and resumes. Some of the topics to be covered will be typical situations mature actors will encounter and how to best understand the casting process.  We will go over how to get started and how to best maximize and market your non union/union work opportunities. Specific workshops are available catering to your needs.

Kathy Wickline says:
“The Philadelphia market needs mature individuals who are interested in reinventing themselves as (part time) actors and commercial print models (i.e. real people modeling). This is not the LA market where we need the younger generation. Approximately 40% of my casting work requires mature actors. Tom Roy is a genuine and fun individual with a ton of practical experience. He is a wonderful character actor and his personality is a blend between John Wayne and Betty White.  This is a rarely offered seminar.  Come see how to reinvent your life, book work and make a little money while having fun. Let me assure you do not need to invest in a portfolio and tons of photos so check out this straightforward seminar, you have nothing to lose!”

About the Instructor: 

Thomas Roy is a member in good standing of SAG-AFTRA for more than 20 years. His credited film and TV work includes 2 appearances on Saturday Night Live, 12 Monkeys as the Street Preacher, The Answer Man as Lou Pucci's alcoholic dad, and much more. He also worked for more than 50 years on stage, including at  The Walnut Street Theatre. At age 67 he wrapped the lead role in the independent film My Father The Old Horse.

Instructor: Thomas Roy 
Date: Saturday, April 25th 
Time: 11:00am-1:30pm 
Fee: $35 (+$10 admin. fee)
Age Range: 35+ 
Experience Level: All! 



Intro. to Acting: Film & TV 

Are you just starting out as an actor? Or are you trained for the stage but exploring how to adapt your craft for the screen? Whatever your path this course will cover the foundation principles behind working on-camera in film, TV and Commercial settings.


 Frame, perspective, character, reaction time, hitting marks, sound and voice levels, reactions and business – these and other essential details will start you on your journey  “through the lens.” This extremely helpful 8-week intro class will be taught by one of our most respected teachers, Gene Terruso.



About the Instructor:


Gene is a former director of the School of Theatre Arts at UArts and a president of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He has taught on-camera technique for narrative production, industrial, and commercial work both here and in Chicago. Wickline Casting is fortunate to have this stellar instructor here to offer such a widely sought course.




Instructor: Gene Terruso
Dates: Saturdays, May 2, 9,16, 30, June 6, 13, 20, 27 
Time: 10:00am-12:00pm
Fee: $378 (plus a $20 admin fee)
Ages: 18 & Up



This class is designed for a maximum enrollment of up to 8 students.

This allows students to receive necessary on-camera experience each week.








Scene Study Class 

How does an actor gauge the arc of a scene for stage or screen?

What are her/his objectives?

What does the character want and what are the obstacles to obtaining it?

How does text help determine action?

What place do the scene and the character play in the overall story and theme of the play?


This course is designed to provide students with a linear, coherent rehearsal process that emerges from an understanding of how to analyze and break down a script.. The primary goal of the class is to explore how an actor gives shape, color, and clarity to truthful behavior and emotional involvement.


Meet the Instructor: 


Gene Terruso worked alongside Sanford Meisner over two years in Hollywood and has now been teaching the process for over 25 years. Gene is a former Director of the School of Theatre Arts at Philadelphia’s University of the Arts and President of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts (New York and Hollywood). He brings to his classes his own experience as both a film actor and director and has taught on-camera technique for narrative production, industrial, and commercial work both locally and in Chicago since 1989. Wickline Casting is fortunate to have this stellar instructor here to offer such a widely sought and rarely offered course.



Instructor: Gene Terruso
Dates: Saturdays, May 2, 9,16, 30, June 6, 13
Time: 1:00pm-3:00pm
Fee: $278 (plus a $20 admin fee)
Ages: 18 & Up

*Class Limited to 8 Students 




This class is designed for a maximum enrollment of up to 8 students.

This allows students to receive necessary on-camera experience each week.



Philly Talent Showcase!

Wickline Casting presents an opportunity for you to display your talent in front of top Philadelphia agents and managers! Learn what agents look for, your type, how agents will market you, and be among the first called for auditions. A panel discussion involving each of the agents will allow talent to actually have face time to meet and learn valuable information about the industry.  If you plan on working in the Philadelphia area, this showcase is a must.  Ages 10 and up.  Beginners welcome!  

Why should you attend a Showcase? Showcases allow you to spend time getting to know and perform for some of the top agents/managers. Not all Agents/Managers hold open calls so showcases are a great opportunity to meet these individuals.YOU get to ask YOUR questions!
You will receive written feedback from each of the panelists on different aspects of your performance including presentation, material choice, head shots, resume, etc. Over 70% of talent that do the showcase find representation!

Meet Our Panelists:


Sarah G. Howell - Reinhard Agency 

Jeanette Cutshaw - VS Talent 

Pete Coe- Peter Coe Management 


Panelists: Sarah G. Howell, Reinhard; Jeanette Cutshaw, VS Talent; Pete Coe, Peter Coe Management 
Date: Sunday, June 7th 
Time: 9:30am - approx. 1:30pm
Fee: $99 (+$20 admin. fee)
Age Range: 10 and up




Hosting and Spokesperson Class 

Hands-on attention is given to students looking to learn the skills of this quickly growing trade of hosting.  Many acting jobs require a professional delivery of a spokesperson or hosting personality.  There is an abundance of work in the Philadelphia market for cable TV, podcasts, commercials, industrial films, and much more! 70% of the work here is for Hosting and Spokesperson roles. Why not tap into it by learning the skills on how to host a TV segment or promote a product/service.



This class will provide insight into the industry, and help you develop your own on-camera personality and interview technique. Find out how to earn a living in the entertainment industry by just being yourself and developing your own style. Learn the methods to read from teleprompter (most acting jobs today require this skill). 


About the Instructor:


Dave Thomas has been working in front of and behind the camera for more than 25 years. Dave is an Emmy Award-Winning, Media Savvy, Creative Thinking, Broadcast Journalist, Educator and Business Owner with Television, Film and even Radio experience. From former Presidents of the United States like Bill Clinton, to famous icons of the music, sports and comedy industries, such as Sir Elton John, Chase Utley and Bonnie Hunt, just to name a few, he has worked with many well known celebrities.



In particular, Dave spent two years studying one-on-one with the Academy Award-Winning actor Jack Palance, who helped craft Dave’s art of on camera presence and line delivery. From producing several award-winning documentaries to continuing on as a judging member of the National Academy of the Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS), Dave Thomas’s work has appeared on many major television networks including ABC, NBC and FOX. Dave Thomas continues to inspire dozens of students to conquer this competitive industry in every role. Whether you want to hone your on-camera skills or learn how to deliver lines in a genuine way that will win you that next role, Dave Thomas will lead you there!





"I was looking to fill the holes in my performances, and be competent as well as passionate. I did not understand why I had such a hard time in auditions, and after taking Dave’s class, I understand how to hit words and bring a script to life! I would recommend this class to an actor looking to take their career to the next level. Dave’s hands on, informative, and well thought out approach made it easy to communicate and feel comfortable with learning new techniques." -Alice Wills



"If you want to learn how to host and be a spokesperson, than you should take this class. But if you want to be inspired by an educator with a passion for teaching, a love of the subject matter, and the skills to take your performance to the next level, than you need to to take this class with Dave Thomas!" - Bob Eagan


"Dave taught an informative and supportive class and I took so much away from it. It was a great experience and I learned so much!" - Rachel Williams 



"Dave is an encouragement and supporter for all of his students. I really appreciated his positive feedback, and his passion for what he does. It's contagious!" - Kathy Patterson 



"I've always had an interest in how Teleprompter worked and wanted to do it. Dave made me feel at east and comfortable and confident that I can venture into that area. It was quite a pleasure and honor to meet and work with him." - Cherri Reams 



Instructor: Dave Thomas 

Dates: Thursdays, June 4, 11, 18, 25, July 2, 9, 16, 23

Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm

Fee: $378 (+$20 admin. fee)

*Class is limited to 10 students