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Kathy Wickline Casting is now offering Audition Taping and Coaching for local talent! This service is geared towards actors of all ages who are either seeking help (from a Casting Director) in delivering their audition, or for those simply looking to have their audition professionally taped and uploaded.  


Talent may choose from the following options. All options are to be paid CASH-ONLY, please be aware we are no longer accepting personal checks.


Standard Taping (Uploading Included):  $35 / 15 minutes of Taping (Best for one short scene)


Coaching and Taping (Uploading Included): $65 / 30 minutes of Coaching AND Taping


PLEASE NOTE: Rates may vary depending on the length of the audition material and special upload requests.

Amount of takes depend of amount of scenes being read. 

To schedule your taping appointment, call (215) 739-9952

or email us at



"I booked the role!! Thank you SO much!! Your direction was absolutely spot on. I am so grateful that I found you and it all worked out. I'll keep you posted when I have more information regarding release." Anna Jaller 

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