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with Kathy Wickline CSA

The acting industry can be a hit or miss experience for an actor who does not know the ropes. Aspiring actors need individualized advice and a no-nonsense approach in learning how to navigate this sometimes crazy but definitely fun business.  It doesn’t matter if your goals are long term or if you are delving into the acting world as just a fun side job - you still need the correct guidance and knowledge of the legitimate pathways to success. My private consultations are designed so all of your questions and concerns are addressed in a friendly and down to earth manner. Appropriate for all ages, young to mature (parent to be present for minor). 


Private consultations with a casting director is unheard of in this industry, therefore we encourage you to take advantage of this special opportunity!

Kathy Wickline has added 2 different Private Consultation options. Consultations are via Zoom

and held during business hours.


1 Hour Virtual Private Meetings


Option 1: Getting Started - For Beginners

                 Rate:  $150  


Only offered during the work week: Monday - Friday via Zoom

  • 1 hour one on one with Kathy Wickline, plan your acting path, and discover options that are best for you/your type in the industry.

  • How to get started safely and effectively

  • What tools you will need to get started in order to book work

  • What type of work is available and where do you look for it

  • Branding: Your type & age range

  • Pinpointing the right markets for you; Realistic goal setting

  • Skills you need to strengthen for booking local work

  • Where and how to get work on your own; great websites to know

  • Learn what clients look for; real people casting

  • How to select the right photographer for this industry

  • What to beware of in this industry


OR Search @KathyWickline on Venmo

Option 2: Marketing and Getting Work Opportunities


                   Rate:  $195  


Only offered during the work week: Monday - Friday via Zoom

  • This option is designed for talent that have their headshots and need the keys to the next steps. 

  • You have your headshots so what is next step to procure work. 

  • Kathy will view/help with your headshot choices. (Must be narrowed-down.) 

  • Who is who in this industry and understanding the work-flow of a project. 

  • Best Actors Databases (local and NY)

  • Am I ready for an agent or a manager. What’s the difference and how to connect with them. What do they look for in an actor.

  • List of Local Agents & Managers

  • What type of organizations to avoid. 

  • Procuring work and what goes on a resume. What not to include. 

  • Best projects to work on for goal setting. Short and long term planning. 

  • Type of training for your goals. What is essential for commercial, film/tv.

  • Best on-camera attire for self tape auditions. 

  • Specific terms you’ll need to know for bookings and usage. 

  • A chance to perform your own reading/monologue (must state at onset of meeting to allow enough time in the hour.)


OR Search @KathyWickline on Venmo


To secure your Virtual Private Consultation, please send designated amount to @KathyWickline via the app Venmo. 

Search by username @KathyWickline or scan QR code. 


Next, e-mail and Kathy will respond to set-up an appointment.

Please include all of your contact information. 

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