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Ready for an Agent
For Actors and Models

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a Seminar for Talent age 35+

Master Your Self-Tapes
Tackle the Tech like a pro

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a Seminar for Talent age 35+

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INSTRUCTOR: Michael Everett Johnson 


FEE: $39 (+ $20 Admin Fee)

DATE: Thursday, August 18

TIME: 4pm - approx. 5:30pm

AGE: 35+ 

About This Class

“Approximately 70% of my casting work requires mature actors” says Kathy Wickline, Casting Director, who designed this special seminar for people like you. YES, we really DO mean you. The Philly market is mainly commercials and corporate film, so clients hire mature folks like YOU. 

This seminar is geared towards those who may be interested in tapping into the acting industry for fun and profit.  Kathy Wickline designed this seminar specifically for mature aspiring talent, ages 35 to seniors.  This seminar will help you understand the casting process as well as the realities of work for more mature performers AND how to get started safely in the local market.

The focus of this class will be:

  • Discovering the type of work that is available in the Philly area

  • How to find work on your own on a few local and free sites

  • How to be seen by casting directors and agents

  • Headshots – Best kind for you!

  • Types of work for you in local market

  • When to look for an Agent

  • Q&A


Other topics covered include: 

  • Situations mature actors will encounter and how to best understand the casting process.

  • How to get started (even with NO experience!)

  • Practical (and affordable) foundational training, specific to your needs.  

  • Various classes that would be appropriate. 

About Michael Everett Johnson 

Michael Everett Johnson is a Philadelphia born actor. He re-started his acting career in 2014 after 30 years of government service.

Mike has appeared in many popular television shows. Shows such as, The Circle, Gotham, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Elementary, Madame Secretary, Law and Order, Red Band Society, The Good Wife, House of Cards, VEEP, The Americans, Shades of Blue, Public Morals, and Person of Interest. He has booked endless shows on the ID Channel. You may have seen him also in commercials for Pep Boys,John's Hopkins, CVS, Blue Cross, and Stamford Medical Center.

As if not busy enough in the craft of acting, Michael is now writing and producing projects of his own. It is indeed NEVER Too Late! Get Ready.

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PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is a learning experience. It is not an audition or employment opportunity. When the workshop is over, the casting director/casting associate teaching this workshop will not be taking home nor be given access to your headshot, resume or any other of your promotional materials. 

Master Your Self-Tapes
Tackle the Tech like a pro

Self-Tape Auditions.png

INSTRUCTOR: Mel Mack, NY Casting Associate


FEE: Free Seminar 

DATES: Check back for dates!!

TIME: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm 

AGE: 18 +

About This Class

Have you found yourself filming dozens of self-tapes only to miss your submission deadlines because you can't get the ideal take or turn down that perfect opportunity because self-tapes aren't your thing. Have you been waiting for this "phase" in audition to pass?? (Psst... it's not going anywhere!) Virtual auditions are here to stay!! 

Are you are struggling to make your self tape look professional, without spending a fortune on equipment that you probably don't even know how to use? 


You're pretty sure you've been rocking your self-tapes, yet you're not getting callbacks and are overwhelmed navigating virtual auditions or taking directions on the spot via Zoom and feel rushed, confused, and frustrated. Perhaps you don't know who to ask for help to guide you through the process of self-tape auditions. Are you uncertain about what you need to change in your self-tapes or in your setup and could use some expert, personalized feedback!! 

We are so excited to welcome Mel Mack, founder of and lead coach at Mel Mack Acting Studio, back to Kathy Wickline Casting for an awesome seminar and Q & A on all things self-tape related. 

Topics of discussion in this seminar will include:
1. Understanding castings' expectations of self tape/virtual callbacks 
2. Tackling the tech side of your self tapes; overcome your fears, frustrations and failures
3. Investing in professional equipment that won't break the bank
4. Basics of How to upload self-tapes 

**All attendees will need to be set up with what they will be using for their self recording device.**

Can't make this free seminar, check out Mel Mack's Killer Self-tape Workshop; a more extensive class.

About Name

Mel Mack is a loved and respected Casting Associate and Acting Coach who has  worked on hundreds of National and Regional commercials! Mel works with some of the best industry leaders in the business and is a renowned name in the business. 

Mel is also a Backstage Expert, contributing regularly, drawing from her expertise in the casting business. Coaching actors is Mel’s passion. Mel coaches actors on film/tv, nationally and internationally, including Steven Spielberg’s “The Post,” Jack Ryan, Sweetbitter, The Path, Blindspot, Blue Bloods, 24: The Legacy, Gotham, The Detour, Difficult People, Shades of Blue, Show Me A Hero, Broad City, and many, many more! Mel has worked with renowned artists such as Damian Lewis, Jamie Chung, Eva Longoria, Madonna, Mark Harmon, Megan Mullally, Michael Weatherly, Paget Brewster, Corin Nemic, Amy Madigan & many others.


with Casting Director Kathy Wickline

A Special Seminar.png

INSTRUCTOR: Kathy Wickline, CSA


*Uncomfortable being on-camera in Zoom?  You may opt out of video if you prefer.
FEE: $59 (+$20 Admin Fee)
DATE: Check back soon!!

TIME: 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm

         Parent/guardian of minor (under 18) must attend

About This Class

This is a rare opportunity to learn directly from Casting Director Kathy Wickline!

Join Kathy for a Zoom Seminar all about the acting industry. This is a rarely offered opportunity to learn directly from a Casting Director. Join our mailing list to be updated the next time Wickline Casting offers one of these unique and informative events!



Topics Covered in Previous Seminars

  • Type of Acting Projects in Philly area market

  • How a Production Works in relationship to Acting

  • Difference between Casting Directors, Agents and Managers 

  • Mature Actors

  • Freelancing: Benefits of an Agent or Manager

  • Where to Get Leads for Acting Work

  • Starting out - Tools Needed (Headshot and Resume Tips)

  • Preparation for Voice Over Work 

  • Preparation for an Audition

  • Knowing your type

  • Understanding Non-Union Acting Contracts; Usage & Terms Made Simple

  • Q& A 

About Kathy Wickline

When it comes to the world of casting, Kathy Wickline is nothing short of a Philadelphia institution. With over 25 years of professional experience in the biz, Kathy has truly seen it all. Her passion for helping aspiring talent break into the industry has allowed Kathy to foster the careers of countless young actors. Her resume speaks for itself, ranging from hit network programming to feature films to commercials.
In addition to her work as a casting director, Kathy also spent five years as a top agent in Philly representing both actors and models. Today, she uses her vast knowledge and wide network to help actors find their way in the business. By training actors and models in how to achieve their goals, Kathy hopes to add them to her own talent pool and cast them in future projects. 

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