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Terms of Agreement & Registration Policy


In order to register for an event at Kathy Wickline Casting, you must first thoroughly read and agree to our Regstration and Cancellation Policy below. Once you have read and agree to the terms, you may complete your registration via the button located at the bottom of this page. PLEASE NOTE - REGISTRATION IS A TWO-STEP PROCESS. You must fill out the registration form with your contact information,THEN you must complete payment.


Congratulations, you are registering at one of the most prestigious locations for acting classes in Philadelphia! At KWC, we are known for our smaller, more individualized classes/events and our renowned instructors. To keep the integrity of classes intact, we do not allow enrollment of more than 8-10 students on most of our classes (applies to classes, not one-day events). This allows for on-camera time every week. Payment is due prior to the start of class.


1. Payment Plans & Policy: Not applicable to Virtual Classes at this time. If you have extenuating circumstances, please contact us at 


2. Cancellation Policy: In order to keep our classes small, we contract the teachers’ time for the entire length of each class. Therefore, because of our professional obligation to the teacher, refunds or credits will only be given to individuals who cancel for emergency situations. 


3. Kathy Wickline Casting Policy: 

  • KWC reserves the right to postpone a class (up to 8 weeks) or cancel a class/workshop/event due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • KWC reserves the right to adjust class time based on the number of students enrolled. 

  • KWC reserves the right to hire a substitute teacher (or panelist) of equal caliber if the situation warrants it. 

  • KWC reserves the right to use photos, media or written testimonials students may give about a class as promotional material.

  • KWC reserves the right to cancel a class due to lack of enrollment, weather, or emergencies. 


4. REFUNDS: Emergency events will require proof (i.e. hospitalization) in order to receive a refund. If receiving a refund due to your own cancellation, the $20 Admin Fee (where applicable) is non-refundable.

5. Zoom Policy: All registrants are responsible for being familiar with the Zoom platform

prior to class. Instructors will not be able to assist anyone having difficulties with
basic Zoom functionality once class has commenced.


6. Teaching methods and performances are protected by a no-recording policy. In order to protect the integrity of this class, the teaching methods and the participants, private recording is prohibited. 


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