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with Kathy Wickline CSA

VIRTUAL Coaching Options

Only offered during the work week: Monday - Friday


 1-Hour Virtual Coaching, $100

 You will work with Kathy on monologues you already have in your arsenal, find new ones better suited to you and your type OR Kathy will provide customized script. 



To secure your Virtual Coachings, please send requested amount to @KathyWickline via the app Venmo.

Search by username @KathyWickline or scan QR code. 


Next, e-mail and Kathy will respond to set-up an appointment.

Please include all of your contact information. 

Friend-requests cannot be accepted on Venmo before registering. Register via email only. 


This opportunity is offered to the aspiring actor who prefers working on their performance skills directly with Kathy Wickline. If you are not into working in group classes and prefer one on one training, this is the class you will want to register for. Kathy Wickline will customize your sessions specifically to what you need.  

In your coaching you will be taught how to properly audition, how and when to interact with a director, understanding various types of scripts and cues you will receive at auditions while knowing exactly what your "type" is and the roles you should be going out for. 

On-camera and theater monologues differ dramatically. Here’s where Kathy comes in.  Kathy can assist you in choosing the right monologues as well as coach you on how to deliver them. Set up an appointment and we will get to work on a monologue that suits YOU. Monologues are the quickest way to show a director your skills in portraying a character. This shows us immediately your arsenal of skills, a quick insight into your acting chops. 

Interested in Additional Options? 


​​"I now have a greater understanding about commercial auditioning that has lifted my confidence tremendously. After training with you, I can pick up a piece of cold copy and deliver- and that is the best feeling! I would recommend private classes with you to anyone, whether they are a beginning actor or not. It certainly will give me a boost over other actors and I couldn't be more thrilled, or ready to get out there! Getting acting advice from a casting director is priceless."  - Layla​

"I wanted to take the time to thank you for guiding me on the right path to get started again in this business. I learned a great deal from the platinum class with you and am now in the process of getting my reel together with original music to tie it together."- Cathy F.

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