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Here at Wickline Acting Studio, we take pride in connecting actors with the proper tools

and resources to book jobs for well over 25 years. 


Wickline Acting Studio is an esteemed educational platform for actors of all levels to develop and sharpen their on-screen acting skills. With the help of some of the best instructors in the business, Wickline hosts programs that are guaranteed to form unforgettable experiences and provide knowledge key to succeeding as an actor in this market. These programs are designed to allow talent to identify and develop their own personal brand as they expand their skills in Film, TV, and Commercial styles. Our teachers are working professionals in this industry, ranging from Actors, Directors, and Broadcast Hosts.


Wickline Acting Studio offers an array of programs and services, including ongoing Core Classes, One-Day Seminars & Events, and Private Coaching Services.


Kathy Wickline Casting casts talent primarily through local agents and managers.

On occasion, we will email blast and post casting calls via social media.

Want to receive Casting Notices and Acting Studio updates?


If you are not already receiving our regular email updates, subscribe today to start receiving Kwickblast's.

When KWC receives a project for KwickBlast we will create the flyer and send it to your email address. For those that have an agent/manager it is recommended that you forward the flyer to them. Remember keeping your agent/manager in the loop will show your consideration and loyalty to them (that adds up to YOU being at top of their list). 


If your email address should change, simply register the new one and unsubscribe the old one.

Please note that in ALL flyers we stipulate that if you work with an agent/manager we strongly request that you give this info when submitting your headshot/resume/video.

KWICKBLAST is a special email blast service that Kathy Wickline Casting extends to independent filmmakers with modestly budgeted projects to connect them with aspiring talent.

KWICKBLAST was created by Kathy Wickline to support up and coming filmmakers, as well as keeping aspiring actors busy building their resumes.  It’s a win-win for all.

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