with Kathy Wickline CSA

There are many options of how you can receive Private and Personalized Guidance from Kathy Wickline.

To register for any of these services, call us at 215-739-9952.

Private Consultations with Kathy Wickline

  • Perfect for beginners of all ages 

  • For talent who are new to or coming back into the business

  • Theatre actors transitioning to on-camera work

  • Virtual Private Consultations Now Available!

Private Coaching with Kathy Wickline

  • This opportunity is offered to the aspiring actor who prefers working on their performance skills directly with Kathy Wickline

  • Virtual Private Coaching Now Available!

Audition ER with Kathy Wickline

  • It's exactly what it sounds like... an Audition Emergency Room! Breathe some life back into your auditions!

Kathy Wickline Casting

1080 North Delaware Avenue Suite 501 

Philadelphia, PA 19125

(215) 739-9952

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