Private Consultation & Audition Screen Test

with Casting Director Kathy Wickline

Kathy Wickline offers private consultations at her office in Philadelphia!

The acting industry surely can be a hit or miss experience for an actor not knowing the ropes. Aspiring actors need individualized guidance and a no-nonsense approach in learning how to navigate this sometimes crazy but definitely fun business.  It doesn’t matter if you are delving into the acting world for long term or just as a fun side job while you work your regular job. You still need the correct guidance and knowing the legitimate pathway.  So my private hour-long consultations are developed for you so all of your questions and concerns are addressed. Getting an audition screen test and private consultation with a casting director is unheard of in this industry.

The invaluable private consultation will personally guide you in learning how to market yourself more effectively and define your career goals for your type.  It is a great step for parents who are trying to get their child started safely and effectively in the business.Kathy has thousands of casting credits in commercials, television and Academy Award winning feature films and is a top casting director in our area.  The audition screen test and private consultation is conducted personally by Kathy Wickline and her staff.  You start off with an hour long consultation and finish with ½ hour audition screen test that is recorded onto a take-home DVD.  A full list of legitimate talent agencies and managers will be given to you to legitimately guide you to work.

I don’t bite…I am one of the most down-to-earth and personable casting directors you will ever meet.  I’m in this business because I love getting work for actors and making my clients (producers/ad agencies) happy.  You will learn how to work in this area, get representation and receive answers to all of your questions so you will have a clear focus at the end of the consult. A headshot/resume is not necessary in order to attend this consultation. If you have one definitely bring it.  Opportunity like this is rarely offered by casting professionals.

So just what happens at a Private Consultation?

• How to get started safely and effectively
• What tools you will need to get started (headshot/resume, etc)
• What type of work is available and where do you look for it
• How you can be among the first choices in the audition call
• Marketing ideas to stand out from others
• Pinpointing the right markets for you. Realistic goal setting
• Skills you need to strengthen
• Where and how to get work on your own; great websites to know
• Kathy will supply and go over a list of local agents best suited for you
• What to expect from an Open Call and how to prepare
• Learn what clients look for; real people casting
• Your best attributes on camera/knowing your type
• On-Camera Attire
• How to select the right photographer for this industry
• What to beware of in this industry
• Read copy that we provide and receive insight, direction and feedback


What happens in an Audition Screen Test?

During this ½ hour, You will be given a few short scripts to read and will be directed, coached and recorded by Casting Director, Kathy Wickline. The DVD will be yours.




One hour Private Consultation

$100 cash or check

$110 credit card


One hour and a half Private Consultation & Audition Screen Test

$175 cash or check

$185 credit card

 Please call the office today to register!







"Thank you so much for the time you spent with me this past Friday.  As you can tell, not only did you provide me with tons of valuable information, you also inspired me to get going and actively pursue this career possibility." -Ellen

"Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me! You are such a wonderful person and I learned so much about this industry by talking to you. It was a great experience! You made it so comfortable that I felt as if I was meeting with a friend. Thank you so much again!" -Hannah

"Just wanted to thank you for all your help this summer.  I just booked my first commercial which will be shot on Friday!" - Cathy F.

Interested in a private class with Kathy Wickline? Simply call to book a time. Fine-tune your acting skills in the comfort of a private session. Call us. Kathy Wickline also offers private coaching and classes. Call for additional information.



Skype Appointments Now Available!
Do you have a webcam and a Skype or other video chat service? Book a private ONLINE consultation with Kathy Wickline for up to 30 minutes. Convenience and a great service, now from the comfort of your home. Call to find out more details!

Fee: $50 for a 30min. Skype Consultation



REGISTER:  Call 215.739.9952 or email

Note: Regardless of payment method, a major credit card is required only to hold the appointment time.  Cancellations that occur less than 24 hours in advance will be charged at full rate.

Cold-Reading and YOU!

This is a one on one class with Kathy Wickline.


Often actors receive their script moments before their audition (‘cold-copy”). It is just the nature of this industry. This however requires actors to make quick choices on just how to deliver their own, unique performance. Memorization often makes you look like a deer in the headlights and is not encouraged when reading more than a few sentences. In this 1 hr private class, Kathy Wickline will teach you simple tips, questions to ask and ‘digestion techniques’ on just how-to read scripts for audition purposes. ​

Fee: $110 for a 1-hour session, if paying by credit card OR a discounted price of $100 if paying by cash or check.

Call 215.739.9952 or Email

Terms: Check, Money Order made out to "Kathy Wickline" (Please do not make it out to Kathy Wickline Casting) OR Cash. A major credit card is required to hold appointment time only.
Cancellations that occur less than 24 hours in advance will be charged at full rate.

**Book both Private Consultation and Cold Reading back to back – receive discount! call for details